Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

El Gráfico

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The definitive sports periodical for several decades, El Gráfico shaped the discourse of soccer commentary in Argentina. These entries focus on several themes: fans, violence, tactics, playing styles, social classes, the international gaze, and identity.

Aimed at a middle-class audience through its coverage of sports, tactics, and fandom, its celebrated writers frequently offered  biting criticism towards uniformed sports fans, coaches, and inept administrators.


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Advertisements in El Gráfico in 1955
Helpful to look at what products were pitched to men, and how masculinity is portrayed.

Fútbol más confortable espectáculo más higiénico
Because El Gráfico was busy heaping praise on itself the previous week, this delayed summary of La Plata's stadium disaster, focusing on the safety and well being of people who attend these matches.

Civilizar al fútbol
The article rebukes the deteriorating climate at stadiums, and applauds Huracán for encouraging women to attend free, with roses and prime seats. (the adjoining article's last words are about the decline of creative fútbol and the growth of a climate…

Images of notable sports writers
Helpful images of Borocotó, Chantecler, Félix Fráscara, and a mention of Dante Panzeri

Diferencias substanciales impiden el cotejo de tipos de fútbol
Borocotó continues his look into the opposing playing styles on exhibit at the matches played in Europe. He also provides some historical backdrop.

Volvieron los cracks
Positive welcome for the national team

Limpia justa deportiva
This article is helpful in understanding how Argentine sports writers imagined the criollo player and the values he espouses, which addresses masculinity and gender.

Cada uno juega como siente el fútbol
As an influential sports writer and father of the term "fútbol criollo," Borocotó's analysis is worth following here.

Significativo triunfo en Irlanda
Argentine demonstrated its true playing style and the quality it possesses.

Supieron perder; Rugilo en Wembley
The article does not make excuses and focuses on the honor of the players, although it notes that English keeper used gloves.
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