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Mundo Deportivo · Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer
Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

Mundo Deportivo

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Mundo Deportivo


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Mundo Deportivo had a brief, but successful, history during the Peronist decade of 1945 to 1955, and lasted until 1958. Its tone and coverage served as a useful sports propaganda for the regime but also covered a wide range of topics within sporting culture.

In the wake of Peron's ouster in 1955, Mundo Deportivo could not maintain a level of competition with El Grafico and eventually folded.


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Perhaps in response to social unrest and military pressure on Peron this article stresses that power derives from the people and laws should be adhered. Sportsman must do their part and observe the laws of their sport. People are more able to support…

Using data in a specific way, the magazine makes the argument that Argentina is the best team on the continent. The data can make a similar (or stronger case) for Uruguay. A little bit of Peronist propaganda.

Queridos muchachos:
This letter is aimed at the actual athletes participating in the sports tournament, linking their efforts and athleticism to the greater pride and success of Argentina.

Queridos Pibes:
This brief letter to sportsmen, or pibes, is aimed at connecting sports to nationalism and honoring Eva Peron.

[Image of Eva connected to sports tournament]
Image of Eva, most likely official portrait

Estadio Presidente Perón
Names after Juan Perón, this brief article highlights Racing's stadium

Otro escenario monumental
This image is aimed at showing Argentina's ability to host international tournaments like Juegos Panamericanos (and eventually a World Cup)

Club Atlético River Plate
This image is aimed at showing Argentina's ability to host international tournaments like Juegos Panamericanos (and eventually a World Cup)

[Various images of the Juegos Panamericanos]
Several photos show Juan and Eva Perón welcoming athletes from the Americas to the Juegos Panamericanos hosted by Argentina in 1951

Nuestro esfuerzo
The magazine links its publication with larger efforts to promote sports as a form of nationalism, as well as to honor the passing of Eva Perón.

A los deportistas argentinos
Another example of the intersection of politics and sports

Eva Perón: llama viva de un pueblo de deportistas
Images of Eva Perón show her devotion to sports and Argentine athletes

Los campeonatos Evita vibran como un ideal
Magazine lauds the Eva Perón tournament as a symbol of national pride and success

Mejor que decir es hacer
Construction of new sports facilities are at the center of the 2nd "plan quinquenal"

Argentina llevó alma y aptitud al viejo mundo
The solid performance of the national team reflects a greater idea of national pride, which the Peron government uses to its own populist advantage
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