Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer


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This weekly publication, considerably shorter in length compared to other sports magazines, was aimed at the working-class soccer fan. It contained more gossip and sensationalist articles than El Gráfico or Mundo Deportivo.




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Un saldo singularmente halagador para el deporte argentino dejan los recientes juegos panamericanos
Perón and his wife Eva are front and center of this assessment of the 1951 Pan-Am Games, largely seen in Argentina as a resounding success for the country on the world stage.

Cover; Son muchos los cracks que aún no han firmado los nuevos contratos para la temporada
Two years removed from the player strike that led to the exodus of some of the nation's best talent, this article shows that the issue of player salaries, and the intransigence of some clubs to pay their players, continues to garner headlines in…

Se mantiene la cotización de Moreno; la Católica logró su pase por los 150.000 que lo negoció a Boca en 1949
Moreno - a legendary player for River Plate - leaves Boca Juniors to play in Chile and commands a high transfer fee.

Various articles on the 1951 Pan-American Games
The tournament became a resounding success for the Peronist state and Argentina. The president takes time to greet basketball players.

Con unánime simpatía se ha aplaudido a Ana María Schulz
An accomplished swimmer, Schultz became one of the popular figures of the 1951 Pan-Am Games.

Gran victoria de Elsa Irigoyen
One of the standout performers of the 1951 Pan-American Games was Elsa Irigoyen, who later served a crucial role in the diffusion of female sports in the Peronist government.

Los referees argentinos solicitarían la intervención del General Perón
Referees threaten to go on strike and hope that Perón could intervene in their dispute with AFA.

Ad speaks to the greatness of the nation and the Peronist state's central role in fueling Argentina's economic growth.

La presencia de equipos argentinos sirvió para renovar en México el entusiasmo por el fútbol
The article suggests (in a somewhat superior tone) that the presence of quality club fútbol teams in Mexico reawakened that nation's love for the game.
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