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Popular Magazines 1940s-1960s · Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer
Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

Popular Magazines 1940s-1960s

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Popular Magazines 1940s-1960s


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Magazines published in the 1940s-1960s that cover national and international news, politics, fashion, cultural developments, and other topics of general interest.

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La Atenas deportiva en sudamérica
Citing the success of Argentine auto racing, tennis, and especially soccer, Argentina has emerged as a sporting nation valued across the world. Players like Labruna, Di Stefano, Ricagni, as well as coaches like Stabile, are sought after by Europe's…

Lucha en jerarquía al estilo latino
Emerging from international isolation, Argentina plays Spain in Buenos Aires. Spain is treated here as an emerging soccer nation.

Escribe Arturo Frondizi
Frondizi cites four main problems facing Argentina: lack of social peace, the failure to maintain institutional normalcy, judicial instability, and economic instability. He outlines an end to political repressions and calls for judicial guarantees,…

Tres cartas que ponen sobre la mesa
Interesting to see the concerns of the exiled leader, and his literary supporter, printed in their (seeminlgy) entirety. They cite the instability of Frondizi's political position, particularly if he seems to acquiese to foreign investors and thus…

De la constituyente a la victoria de Frondizi
The article cites a smart move by Frondizi: he sensed that the public had felt betrayed by the provisional government's failure of restoring democracy in Argentina, with its continuation of repressive measures, and thus Frondizi used silence as a way…

La década peronista
Of note is a smart analysis of what Peron was able to achieve and what he failed to accomplish. In his 10 years of power he gave a singular voice to the working class by making it a political player but also because his overtures led to an embrace of…

Prensa, radio y televisión, un cinturón para Frondizi
[note: the title does not mesh with the article excerpt] Disillusionment begins to surface between workers who viewed Frondizi as more acceptable to their needs than the provisional military government, and a Frondizi administration that tried to…

En procura de la paz social, luego de treinta meses de violencias y arbitrariedades
Ahead of a planned demonstration on May 1, workers continued to apply pressure that causes and is met with violence

Los gorilas también dividieron la universidad
The author (who was expelled under the military because of ties to Peronism and outspoken nature about human rights) cites two main (and historic) problems with the university system: the call for autonomy and the fradulent restructuring that…

Figuras del deporte argentino
The exodus of players at the beginning of the decade, coupled with the abandonment of clubs that historically fed excellent players to the major clubs, has resulted in a situation where the AFA doesn't seem to have answers and continously draws on…

El fútbol criollo sufrió este año; la manía de los estilos importados
Several reasons appear as to why the quality of soccer dimished greatly, according to the magazine, in 1957: the import of players from the interior and overseas who are unaccustomed to how soccer is played in Bs As, the failure to develop strong…

Las fuerzas del progreso
The role of government in the national economy is key according to the author. In the past, the government became more intrusive instead of a promoter of free markets. The goal is to employ all of Argentina's strengths and areas of potential growth,…

Un programa nacional para la industria argentina
This piece examines the need for Argentina to sustain economic growth through a mixed economy that has the support of a democratic government. Another example of ideas of desarrolismo that held sway before Frondizi's election as President

Soluciones inmediatas para los problemas urgentes
The article tries to signal out several areas of improvement (capital, infrastructure, a conducive political environment) that would help Argentine industry improve--although industry is heavily weighted towards agricultural goods, namely beef.

Las dos perspectivas económicas
In short, this article is a blueprint for how Argentina can modernize its economy and learn from foreign models like the U.S. This article is a good companion piece to any study on desarrolismo

Las jornadas juvenil e infantil del deporte comenzaron con gran éxito
The games are a legacy of Eva Peron and the article serves as nothing more than state propaganda
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