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Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Another notable article because it features a female athlete nearly 60 years of age
Coverage of the ceremonial approval for Racing's new stadium, including the presence of Perón, Ramón Cereijo, and other government officials.
Image of Maschio, Angelillo, and Sívori, also known as the "trío de la muerte" for their clinical finishing in the 1957 Copa Sudamericana
First article on Juan Carlos Lorenzo Much is made of his attempt to bring in tactics from Europe, but which El Grafico found as not very novel and not a solution to what Argentine football lacks…rather a continuation of its problems
Good article for looking at the cultural influence of soccer and issues of masculinity.
In the wake of the 1955 coup and subsequent proscription of Peronism, the magazine is aghast as to why the federal intervention of AFA led to amnesty of club officials and players sympathetic to Peron
Fans attack Cossio, a referee at a match at Newell's Old Boys, leaving him seriously injured at the hospital. A brief recap of the escalating violence at stadiums prefaces the coverage of November 8, including reports of bullets fired at a match…
Much emphasis is placed on the "victoria rotunda" of Argentina over the USA
Back to square-one That is the conclusion of this article with the re-hire of Stabile and the "Comisión de Selección" This meant the process of selecting whomever the AFA could secure from clubs and then forming a team and approach--instead of…
What is interesting is that Uruguay is blamed for all the "garra" Argentine players have traditionally reacted towards (ignoring the decades of player violence among Argentine teams). "Garra" is thus portrayed as foreign and alien to Argentine…
As opposed to late 1946, when scant mention was made of Ramón Cereijo's membership to Rácing, every news about the Housing Minister is an opportunity in 1950 to wish him good luck. His role in securing the funds for the new stadium linked Rácing to…
The commentary and observations of River coach Minella were spot-on. Angel Labruna was the star of the tournament. Just two examples of how River covered the national team in the Copa Sudamericana.
River implies that newspapers like Democracia are biased against River and try to influence the outcome of the soccer season.
The magazine does not make it clear that a rupture of relations should only involve River's administration; nonetheless, the article portrays Racing as the jilted bride whose wooing made it possible for one of Argentina's greatest players to return…
Several River players are injured in this match against Estudiantes
Citing corruption, ineptitude, and dwindling attendance, this commentary labels club officials like Boca Juniors' Armando as "pirates" linked to "mafia"-like elements because they raise enormous sums in dubious ways–such as lottery and raffle tickets…
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