Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Notable because the tournament held at Racing is named "La Copa Ministro de Hacienda de la Nación 'Dr. Ramón A. Cereijo'"
As an influential sports writer and father of the term "fútbol criollo," Borocotó's analysis is worth following here.
Borocotó continues his look into the opposing playing styles on exhibit at the matches played in Europe. He also provides some historical backdrop.
Noteworthy is Carlos Aloé's assertion that fútbol and the "descamisados" have much in common as they are the spirit of the country through their humility and modesty.
In an almost religious manner, Aloé pays homage to the "miracle" of Perón's spiritual transformation of the nation. The victories of Argentine athletes at the Pan-Am Games were the proper way to show gratitude to this humble couple. A great example…
La adquisición del terreno; tapiado del campo de deportes; construcción de la sala para esgrima y sala para box; construcción de tribunas para canchas'. Many football clubs could seek government help, based on Peron's initiatives to promote health…
This article is helpful in understanding how Argentine sports writers imagined the criollo player and the values he espouses, which addresses masculinity and gender.
English referees needed help on the field and translators gained access to being on the field during a match
Another helpful article on playing styles as perceived by Argentines. Worth noting that Alf Ramsey played left back
D'Amico tries to explain why different playing styles developed.
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