Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Several photos show Juan and Eva Perón welcoming athletes from the Americas to the Juegos Panamericanos hosted by Argentina in 1951
Various articles report on the opening ceremonies and days to the 1951 Pan-American Games, with a focus squarely on the sporting aspect of the event.
Helpful in seeing the language used in state propaganda that was published in popular, low-brow, magazines.
Ad speaks to the greatness of the nation and the Peronist state's central role in fueling Argentina's economic growth.
The match between Argentina and England received significant press in the Buenos Aires Herald - a paper founded by Anglo-Argentines for the English-speaking community of Argentina. This would be the first encounter between both teams, and the…
The article previews the highly-publicized match between Argentina and England, with a useful primer for readers that details the footballing history between both nations - especially the performance of English club teams in their visits to Argentina…
Billiken was the unrivaled magazine for children. Under the Atlántida publishing firm, it posed a serious dilemma for the Peronist regime, which sought to influence and control what children learned. This led to the creation of Mundo Infantil.
Useful to understand youth crime under Peronism
Great! Very useful information if compared to similar report in 1952
Some brief notes abou the closing of the 1951 Pan-American Games.
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