Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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This detailed record of club expenses reveals some key expenditures related to the Ciudad Deportiva project, as well as earnings from various club activities.
Details of the massive infrastructure project includes financial records, committee members, and stages of the project underway and planned for the future.
As one of the largest club associations, Boca Juniors developed various cultural programs for its members and their families, including theatre and cinema programs, as well as classes in music, dance, language, and chess.
Records show the titles Boca Juniors won in various sports, as well as a summary of all athletic-related events for the year for both men and women.
This table records the data for club membership at Boca Juniors between October 1965 and September 1966 - a period of stability with only a net loss of over 100 socios.
During the club association meeting of December 23, 1965, Boca Juniors recognized the role of Law 16.575 in securing land for the Ciudad Deportiva and approved a rise in club dues to balance the institution's finances. In addition, the club…
Rattín's actions after being expelled against England led to a FIFA commission that sought to punish Argentina and prevent its participation in the next World Cup. This request is to absolve the main figure, Ubaldo Rattín, from any punishment.
The first article is interesting because a smaller team, Tigre, has decided to honor one player from the national team that played in the World Cup: Ubaldo Rattín--who was infamously expelled from the final match against England and protested by…
In the first article, a move is made to honor the entire national team for their string performance at the 1966 World Cup. In the second article, AFA President Francisco Perette submits his resignation for approval. Perette was the brother of Arturo…
In the high sporting interests represented by the World Cup, Valentín Suárez is officially appointed as "asesor" to manage the national team. It is widely assumed that the scouting trip resulted in a harsh assessment of Juan Carlos Lorenzo's ability…
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