Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Covering the period October 1, 1967 to September 30, 1968, these records details financial transactions of CABJ (and the income generated by the professional fútbol team).
In light of the high budget, and slow development, of the Ciudad Deportiva project, CABJ felt compelled to share with its members the results of government inspections and costs associated with the project for the previous fiscal year.
Club members were active in various ways, particularly in organizing and participating in various cultural and folkloric events.
A list of club successes in various competitions, including (but not limited to) bocce, track and field, basketball, judo, volleyball, wrestling, and cycling.
These pages show club membership figures, earnings from club dues (broken down by age, gender, and location), and expenditures for cultural activities at CABJ.
Chief among the cultural events hosted by CABJ, various fundraisers for the Ciudad Deportiva project allowed the club to project a vibrant and international image to the world.
Congratulations to Estudiantes, victors due to the their effort, sporting spirit, and teamwork.
The letters show a transfer of power at AFA, but also the primacy of the national team in long-term projects of the associated body.
AFA, perhaps sensing that public blame is shifting to the lack of responsibility by clubs for stadium safety, provides financial support for victims through funds collected at various matches.
AFA expresses its support and sadness concerning the tragedy of Puerta 12, offering financial compensation to the victims and calling for a public honoring for the deaths through a week of no games, players wearing black armbands, and other measures.
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