Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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The prosecution of Peronist officials is well under way with Carlos Aloé and Ramón Cereijo under investigation. The article never mentions "Perón" or "Peronism" by name. Among the noteworthy items is that thousands of people stood outside the…
In an almost religious manner, Aloé pays homage to the "miracle" of Perón's spiritual transformation of the nation. The victories of Argentine athletes at the Pan-Am Games were the proper way to show gratitude to this humble couple. A great example…
The main thrust of Aloé's argument is that the professionalization of fútbol, which placed emphasis on finances and winning, stripped the sport of what made it special: communal associations, love for the sport, amateurism.
Perón inspected the site two days before the opening, but did not attend the match. Instead, Carlos Aloé and Ramón Cereijo, along with AFA officials, accompanied the President of Racing.
Noteworthy is Carlos Aloé's assertion that fútbol and the "descamisados" have much in common as they are the spirit of the country through their humility and modesty.
Carlos Aloe explains what discipline means in sports in the New Argentina, and the "rules" that athletes must adhere to.
Carlos Aloe explains what morality in sports looks like in the New Argentina, and the values that athletes must adhere to. Above all, athletes must dedicate their efforts to "la patria"
It is never clear why Perón did not attend the opening match at the new stadium named after him, but he toured a few days prior. The article mentions that the President would be pleased to know that a special section of the stadium is reserved for…
This special issue celebrates the history of the club, its old stadium, the new facility, and thanks key members of the Peronist government such as the President, First Lady, Ramón Cereijo, and Carlos Aloé.
Carlos Vicente Aloé faces a military tribunal for his role and actions under the Peronist state. Lonardi, under pressure to take a harder stance against Peronist officials, begins to investigate the crimes of the deposed state. Ultimately, though,…
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