Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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The letters show a transfer of power at AFA, but also the primacy of the national team in long-term projects of the associated body.
A request is made to allow players called into the national team to play for their club teams in matches for the Copa Libertadores. The request not approved through voting. As a result, a scheduled pre-World Cup tour of Europe is cancelled (to allow…
Several players from clubs participating in the Copa Libertadores are called to the national team ahead of the World Cup. Their request is that AFA honor the financial rewards they would receive in the Copa Libertadores if they are to play in the…
Overview of Estudiantes' victory over Nacional and back-to-back championship in Copa Libertadores.
Front cover to the May 27, 1969 issue of Goles
Just as its victories represent Argentina in international tournaments, River's loss to Nacional reflects national disillusionment as it represents the country. More disappointment will come at the 1966 World Cup a month later.
Article shows what the rivalry between both clubs means, especially to a River who could not defeat Boca in many years.
Does 'anti-futbol' matter if the team wins? The article asks a simple question that gets to the heart of competing views of Argentine soccer
Estudiantes played to not lose in the second half of the match and gave the ball away to simply defend
El Grafico reminds readers that by now everyone should expect that Estudiantes will not (nor is able to) play soccer in an appealing manner Its dull and physical style of play wins games
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