Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Several players from clubs participating in the Copa Libertadores are called to the national team ahead of the World Cup. Their request is that AFA honor the financial rewards they would receive in the Copa Libertadores if they are to play in the…
A request is made to allow players called into the national team to play for their club teams in matches for the Copa Libertadores. The request not approved through voting. As a result, a scheduled pre-World Cup tour of Europe is cancelled (to allow…
The letters show a transfer of power at AFA, but also the primacy of the national team in long-term projects of the associated body.
What is "anti-futbol"? Fontanarrosa questions how the term is used and if it applies to Estudiantes
Overview of Estudiantes' victory over Nacional and back-to-back championship in Copa Libertadores.
Panzeri uses sarcasm to critique the methods used by Estudiantes to achieve victory, to achieve a "resultado"
Up until 1964, no Argentine team had won the Copa Libertadores. Now, Independiente's victory meant that the team from Avellaneda would play against the champions from Europe for the right to become the unofficial world club champions. Of note are the…
After two significant victories in one calendar year - "Los Albicelestes" winning the mini Cup of Nations and Independiente securing the Copa Libertadores - Juvenal concludes that Argentine fútbol players are beginning to ditch their losing…
Racing's victory, going back to a more attacking soccer, is praised in El Grafico
anti-futbol: the basic summary of Estudiantes' victory over Racing
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