Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Sivori, Angelillo and other with coach Stabile

Using data in a specific way, the magazine makes the argument that Argentina is the best team on the continent. The data can make a similar (or stronger case) for Uruguay. A little bit of Peronist propaganda.
The triumph of Argentina in the 1959 Copa Sudamericana leaves the writers of Mundo Deportivo happy at the result but not satisfied with the state of Argentine soccer.
No lessons learned from 1958. That is the verdict of the magazine in observing an Argentine side that fails to master the ball and plays a defensive approach.
Claiming that Argentina soccer, without a doubt, is the best in the world seems natural for sports writers attuned to regional rivalries with Brazil and Uruguay.
More effusive praise for Argentina's national team
Defeating Ecuador 3-0 (and Colombia 8-2) the magazine lauds the quality of the national soccer team.
Uruguay played a dirty and physical game, according to Mundo Deportivo, which explains why Argentina lost the final match.
Mundo Deportivo cautions readers that since 1954 Argentines should not fully accept the idea of Argentine superiority in soccer.
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