Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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During the club association meeting of December 23, 1965, Boca Juniors recognized the role of Law 16.575 in securing land for the Ciudad Deportiva and approved a rise in club dues to balance the institution's finances. In addition, the club…
This request is to inform clubs under Valentín Suárez's jurisdiction at AFA that he will travel to Europe to join the national team on a special delegation. The root of this decision was a growing discord between players and head coach Juan Carlos…
The solid performance of the national team reflects a greater idea of national pride, which the Peron government uses to its own populist advantage
By focusing on athleticism and training, no criticism is leveld at the style of polay of the Argentine player. 'Simply work harder' is the common lesson learned from 1958.
Using 5 points, Besio lists the ills of Argentine soccer and addresses foreign perceptions of the Argentine team and its players.
Having previously stated the many faults of preparation the magazine allows itself a chance to say 'I told you so'.
Assesses the changes and adaptations needed for success moving forward: better preparation, more speed, less pride (and sense of entitlement鈥ore humility), and a harder work ethic.
The article notes that European teams are preparing well in advance for the World Cup while Argentina continues a haphazard approach beholden to the whims of clubs and ultimately will take different players from the 'tune-up' matches played…
Citing the successful models in Europe these two officials look at needed reforms for the upcoming season in Argentine soccer as a good step towards dealing with loss of revenue. One change was to ensure than no more than one 'clásico' is held on a…
One of the criticisms of the national team is that play defense like "Europeans"
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