Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Article notes that the English national team delegation endured a 38-hour trip from London to Buenos Aires. Upon their arrival at Ezeiza Airport, they were met by AFA president Valentín Suárez, members of the press, and a large gathering of locals.…
The article discusses the ticket prices for both matches (with sale figures included), as well as details of the English team's arrival and lodging.
English team arrives at Ezeiza
Team picture of Celtic, with positive faces after a hard-fought match. They would feel differently leaving Argentina to Montevideo.
Great photo for the expressions on the faces of players and AFA President Colombo
Sensing that fans are angry, and ready to confront players upon their return, Goles suggests that a measured, serious, response is the best course of action to take after fans welcomed the national team with a hostile reception at Ezeiza airport.
This report mostly focuses on the Celtic reaction to the injury to Ronnie Simpson, not so much on the physical aspects of the match. For their part, Argentine journalists immediately shift to the third game, while Foreign press accounts, such as “A…
Argentine players felt that they were playing against "strongmen" and had to match them. The article claims that the Argentine footballer was actually closer to the European player, and would be even closer if only more strength could be added to the…
Big reception by people at the airport. The article characterizes Montevideo and Buenos Aires as united in spirit upon receiving their players as heroes. The mass reception for the national team warranted extensive coverage, but the attention paid to…
Article highlights the massive crowds expected to receive the national team and its reception at the presidential house of Juan Carlos Onganía. Also a critical sidebar on FIFA.
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