Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Dutch coach labels Estudiantes as 'gangsters', Estudiantes demonstrated that they know how to lose, and a bottle is thrown at an Argentine keeper. Yet, Feyenoord played better soccer and deserved to win.
The magazine lavishes praise on an Dutch side that played beautiful soccer and characterized Estudiantes as a team that was dazed and confused. Little hope for the second match in Holland.
The magazine highlights how even Italian journalists familar with Argentine soccer do not feel that Estudiantes represented Argentina as a whole.
Not mincing words, Golessimply assesses Estudiantes' loss as the case of the better team prevailing.
You reap what you sow. The 'animal' created at Estudiantes is not only a product of tolerance at the club but also derives from the state of Argentine soccer.
Previously in the same issue, River tries to use the 'animal' insult as a badge of pride (see page 4). Here it acknowledges that 'futbol moderno', whether people like it or not, is the reality of Argentine soccer embodied in Estudiantes.
The magazine disagress with the opinion of Estudiantes executives, instead asking Argentines to show that they were offended. The 'student-teacher' relationship should not be continued.
Argentine hospitality, British hypocrisy. The magazine absolves the dirty play and tactics of Esudiantes by citing a similar style of play by the English. It also showed Argentine hospitality was rebuffed by accustaions of its players as 'salvajes',…
How one club's fan magazine covers the national success of a rival club: Racing
Although some physicality and incidents did take place the magazine cites the overall qualiuty of the match as worthy of a final
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