Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Congratulations to Estudiantes, victors due to the their effort, sporting spirit, and teamwork.
Previously in the same issue, River tries to use the 'animal' insult as a badge of pride (see page 4). Here it acknowledges that 'futbol moderno', whether people like it or not, is the reality of Argentine soccer embodied in Estudiantes.
The magazine disagress with the opinion of Estudiantes executives, instead asking Argentines to show that they were offended. The 'student-teacher' relationship should not be continued.
Argentine hospitality, British hypocrisy. The magazine absolves the dirty play and tactics of Esudiantes by citing a similar style of play by the English. It also showed Argentine hospitality was rebuffed by accustaions of its players as 'salvajes',…
Perhaps useful, this letter raises a good question: what prompted the English to call Argentines "animals" Instead of answering that question, the reader goes on to say that the use of such a term at a moment of defeat only signals the impotency of a…
The match became heated and violent Zubeldia is irate at the press in Buenos Aires ("El Dia") for publishing articles-unsigned by the author-that supported the English insistence that the disallowed goal in the first match should have been allowed…
Multiple references to Alf Ramsey's "animal" reference in this article, that minimizes the style of play of Estudiantes as tough but fair (within the rules) and instead accuses the English of savagery "Animals" is as much a construction of the press,…
The influence of Alf Ramsey's words surface in the editorial commentary of El Grafico
"Savages", "fair play", "civility"…all come to question with the treatment El Grafico's writers claim to have received in Manchester Estudiantes are also held up as models of civility Propaganda
After a brief account of the game, El Grafico takes time to criticize the foreign (English) press for exaggerating the physicality of the match…even as far as comparing English journalists to Goebbels!
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