Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Overview of Estudiantes' victory over Nacional and back-to-back championship in Copa Libertadores.
Overview of incidents involving players from Argentinos Juniors and River Plate, police, medical assistants, and coaches. More on pages 20-21.
Just as its victories represent Argentina in international tournaments, River's loss to Nacional reflects national disillusionment as it represents the country. More disappointment will come at the 1966 World Cup a month later.
A useful look at what 'modern' meant to the writers of River in 1961, and thus how people came to understand what modernity in soccer meant and what the opposite entailed.
Does 'anti-futbol' matter if the team wins? The article asks a simple question that gets to the heart of competing views of Argentine soccer
Estudiantes played to not lose in the second half of the match and gave the ball away to simply defend
El Grafico asks if the result, a favorable one that places Racing on the verge of being crowned the champion of Copa Libertadores, is worth the price: a violent, ugly, and anti-futbol affair Racing played Nacional the way Nacional began the match:…
Dominguez is expelled from a match against Racing for explosive behavior and overtly physical play…this interview attempts to penetrate his psyche
A referee was assaulted in the match between host River Plate and Nacional, reminding fans that the romantic expectations held for the renewed matches between Uruguayan and Argentine teams was sullied by the reality of a history of violent and…
After losing in Argentina, Nacional defeated River Plate 5-0, while Peñarol also won 3-1
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