Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Some brief notes abou the closing of the 1951 Pan-American Games.
A fairly balanced account of the opening games of the inaugural Pan-American Games. The president and first lady are mentioned, but so too are other notable figures in sports and politics.
The article shows some of the pomp and circumstance with the opening of the 1951 Pan American Games. An interesting side note: FA matches receive much higher billing, and more text, than the Pan American Games.
Mexico earned the hosting rights to the 1955 Pan-American Games, which would include women's basketball, volleyball, and other sports. Photographs show the Argentine and U.S. men's basketball teams, which repayed the final from a the previous year…
The closing ceremonies were a bit more formal and solemn, with Juan and Eva Perón honoring the participating nations and athletes at the River Plate stadium.
President Perón inaugurates the cycling track in Palermo named after him, and built for the Pan American Games, with over 10,000 spectators in attendance. In his speech, Perón emphasizes that the new venue would be open to all Argentines regardless…
Coverage of the opening ceremonies highlights the presence of the President and First Lady and celebrates the brotherhood of American states.
The opening lines of this article — "The nation, on its path toward athletic maturity, will, beginning today, attend to the opening ceremony of the first Pan-American Games that will take place at the President Perón Stadium in Avellaneda ..." —…
Argentina selects its baseball and softball teams for the inaugural 1951 Pan-American Games, which is noteworthy because Argentines did not have a recorded history of playing either sport.
Notice the staging, with large pillars, lights, and a massive stage. Perón and Eva tie Argentine flag ribbons to the flags of the participating nations.
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