Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Various articles report on the opening ceremonies and days to the 1951 Pan-American Games, with a focus squarely on the sporting aspect of the event.
One of the standout performers of the 1951 Pan-American Games was Elsa Irigoyen, who later served a crucial role in the diffusion of female sports in the Peronist government.
An accomplished swimmer, Schultz became one of the popular figures of the 1951 Pan-Am Games.
The tournament became a resounding success for the Peronist state and Argentina. The president takes time to greet basketball players.
Perón and his wife Eva are front and center of this assessment of the 1951 Pan-Am Games, largely seen in Argentina as a resounding success for the country on the world stage.
The preview includes a letter of support from Perón to his nation's athletes
A variety of superlatives color the account of the opening cermonies of the 1951 Pan-American Games. There is some mention of the ticket prices and the fact that Perón was concerned about the ability of the nation's "most humble" citizens being able…
The various articles highlight the dominating performances by Argentine athletes in various events. The weekly section "El domingo futbolero" by El Bachiller, is overly nationalistic in tone. An image of Perón saluting Chilean athletes is also…
Nearly the entire issue is devoted to the Pan-Am Games. Here is the cover, images of the opening ceremonies, and the unveiling of the national velodrome (names "Presidente Perón") for bicycle racing.
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