Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Argentine papers summarize the match between Argentina and England as one where Argentina's excessive passing allowed England to quickly counter attack and eventually dominate the game. Behind in the score, Argentine pushed its lines further up the…
Rattín's actions after being expelled against England led to a FIFA commission that sought to punish Argentina and prevent its participation in the next World Cup. This request is to absolve the main figure, Ubaldo Rattín, from any punishment.
The first article is interesting because a smaller team, Tigre, has decided to honor one player from the national team that played in the World Cup: Ubaldo Rattín--who was infamously expelled from the final match against England and protested by…
Several players from clubs participating in the Copa Libertadores are called to the national team ahead of the World Cup. Their request is that AFA honor the financial rewards they would receive in the Copa Libertadores if they are to play in the…
The solution to the national team's woes is of course found at River. But the article looks at the players' perspectives and their problems with Lorenzo's eccentric behavior.
By comparing their own star player, a true crack like Pepillo, to Boca's Rattin, the magazine juxtaposes what is good about soccer (River) and what is bad (Boca).
Perhaps a helpful image to show how politicians like Ongania found soccer as a useful tool to appeal to the public
A longer lens is useful in examining what happened in the final match for Argentina Some discussion of the foreign press
Images show public and political reception of national team as heroes
El Grafico tries to find out what happened in the game against England, as well as the entire tournament for the national team
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