Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Several players from clubs participating in the Copa Libertadores are called to the national team ahead of the World Cup. Their request is that AFA honor the financial rewards they would receive in the Copa Libertadores if they are to play in the…
President Armando visits players in the locker room. Pictured here is legendary Boca Juniors goalkeeper Antonio Roma.
Mixing local fútbol concerns with the national team, the cartoon's ultimate conclusion was that Argentina could do no more in the face of the referee's unjust expulsion of Rattín.
After defeating Spain and Switzerland, and tying West Germany, Argentina looks ahead to the knock-out stages of the World Cup. The coverage is mostly positive, with a poor win over Switzerland the exception. Nonetheless, the recurring themes are that…
Players do not respect national team coach Juan Carlos Lorenzo. The press, observing the team at practice, noticed that players responded negatively to the head coach: complaining under their breath, laughing at him behind his back, even other…
Constructions of national identity and criollismo in the coverage of an Argentine playing in Italy
Useful article to contrast playing styles and how Argentines saw themselves as different to Europeans (even if violent play was escalating)
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