Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Italian soccer federation has removed the "oriundi" label from Maschio, Angelillo, and Sivori. Not only can they play for the Italian national team, but they also count as normal Italian players in their club team (clubs were restricted to 2 foreign…
Helpful data to chart over several years in the 1950s
A brief, but definitive statement, on how much River Plate earned from the transfer of Sívori (who only earned aprox. 60,000 pesos per year at the club).
A look at how much each player earned in 1957
Some explicit comments and data related to the transfer of Sívori to Juventus provides much needed detail on whether the sale of Sívori really did fund the 4th section of the Monumental (which is an accepted notion in Argentina.)
A look at how much each player earned in 1955
Sivori, Angelillo and other with coach Stabile
Argentina will not call players to the national team who play abroad. This articles is helpful for ideas of national identity, the ´pull´of clubs, and the sense of overconfidence in World Cup preparation.
Magazine asks if the club should sell Sivori for 10 million pesos: the cost needed to finalize the final phase of construction for the Monumental
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