Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Brief mention that the 1950 World Basketball Championship begins tonight, with the United States sending an amateur team, the Denver Chevrolets, to represent the country in Argentina.
More fallout from the Chile-Italy match, including the serious injuries sustained by Humberto Maschio (and injuries to other stars like Pele and Di Stefano) during Italy's matych against Chile.
Annoucement to readers that today marks the first day of the inaugural World Basketball Championship, which began play at Buenos Aires' famed Luna Park.
The solid performance of the national team reflects a greater idea of national pride, which the Peron government uses to its own populist advantage
In light of recent international matches the writers of Mundo Deportivo share their thoughts on how Argentina measures up to international competititon.
A good example of Peronist rhetoric of Argentina's greatness. A similar article praising Di Stéfano as the world's most expensive player appears in 1955 [Sep 22 page 50]
By defeating Spain and (favorite) West Germany, Argentina's succes is depoicted a evidence of its quality (not a miracle) and its march towards the final.
The cover image raises a question: how much of the supposed player-coach friction was created by El Grafico? Did the magazine's previous commentary influence players attitudes before World Cup preparations? Did El Grafico fuel the flames much higher…
By sending Suarez to Europe to oversee preparations by the national team, the AFA (in effect) demonstrated no confidence in Lorenzo; however, the remedy was not to replace him but rather provide a "check" on his power as coach Suarez has the ability…
Although some mention is made that Spain possessed a sub-par national team, El Grafico is full of praise for the performance of the national team Lorenzo is never mentioned in this article
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