Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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More than sports magazines, River does not hold back its criticism of England. It juxtaposes Argentine 'animals' with English 'thieves'.
El Grafico 's interview with Lorenzo tries to gauge if there are any differences, or lessons learned, from 1962
Of note are Lorenzo's thoughts on Argentina's chances on the upcoming World Cup and how to deal with the first three opponents Also, he discusses his own experience with the "cerrojo" and how to break it
El Grafico provides an opinion about what Argentina's chances in the 1966 World Cup are and what the coaching staff should think about in its preparation [similar article the following week 1/25/1966 pages 34-37, as well as 2/15/1966 pages 34-37]
As one fan commented, after many years of a soccer "drought", Argentines were treated to a series of international soccer matches when several European teams visited Buenos Aires
The English press is front and center in this look at England and Argentina ahead of, and after, their match. Of note is Juan Carlos Lorenzo's view of Helenio Herrera and the muted view of Rattín's expulsion. The end result according to the magazine…
After defeating Spain and Switzerland, and tying West Germany, Argentina looks ahead to the knock-out stages of the World Cup. The coverage is mostly positive, with a poor win over Switzerland the exception. Nonetheless, the recurring themes are that…
Foreign reactions were commonly reprinted in Argentine newspapers. Here, a Swiss paper describes Argentinian players as the best in the world but, if they had only a minimum of discipline and dignity, they would be champions of the world. Instead,…
Not a positive review of the "cerrojo" style
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