Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Argentina's victory over the United States to win the inaugural FIBA Championship became national news in what the BAH described as a very physical and close game.
The United States defeats Chile in their first game of the 1950 FIBA Championship. Interesting that Argentina receives second billing in this article.
Brief mention that the 1950 World Basketball Championship begins tonight, with the United States sending an amateur team, the Denver Chevrolets, to represent the country in Argentina.
Mexico earned the hosting rights to the 1955 Pan-American Games, which would include women's basketball, volleyball, and other sports. Photographs show the Argentine and U.S. men's basketball teams, which repayed the final from a the previous year…
The closing ceremonies were a bit more formal and solemn, with Juan and Eva Perón honoring the participating nations and athletes at the River Plate stadium.
Argentina's victory over the United States enhanced the international profile of basketball. The inaugural FIBA World Basketball Championship also served the anti-imperialist rhetoric of the Peronist government toward "Yanquis," but in a less overt…
As expected by most observers, the host nation (Argentina) and basketball power (United States) meet in the championship game of the first FIBA Championship. The United States defeated France in the semifinal game.
The article positions Argentina's performance in relation to that of the United States, which, as the cradle of basketball, is the barometer to measure Argentina's own performances. This is similar to early sports writing on fútbol and Argentina's…
Annoucement to readers that today marks the first day of the inaugural World Basketball Championship, which began play at Buenos Aires' famed Luna Park.
A list of club successes in various competitions, including (but not limited to) bocce, track and field, basketball, judo, volleyball, wrestling, and cycling.
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