Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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A list of club successes in various competitions, including (but not limited to) bocce, track and field, basketball, judo, volleyball, wrestling, and cycling.
Records show the titles Boca Juniors won in various sports, as well as a summary of all athletic-related events for the year for both men and women.
Never losing a chance to highlight Argentina's equal status to world powers, the visit of Jack Dempsey to Argentina leads to an article in Mundo Peronista that exalts the President for being the world champion in supporting athletics.
A letter to the newspaper editor addresses football—which is uncommon in regular newspaper letters to the editor. Eligio González worries about the “noble y viril deporte” affected by bad players that behave like boxers. Unlike boxing, the football…
A normal issue of Mundo Deportivo contained on average 82 pages. This issue, number 100, is 246 pages long solely focused on the successful hosting of the 1951 Pan-American Games. Of note is the fascist-style stage. It includes an image of Juan Peron…
Although Troilo would become later associated with River Plate, here he contributes his thoughts as a soccer fan.
Boxing, the appearance of music and film celebrities, and dance are all part of the social activities hosted by the club.
The first article describes a training school for track and field instructors in the interior of the country. It is under the direction of CAD, but organized by the City of Buenos Aires and the Commission for Physical Education. In the second…
Famed boxer, and ardent Peronist supporter, Pascual Pérez receives a commemorative medal from the reigning Queen of Agro 1954, under the watchful eyes of Peronist state officials.
The tournament became a resounding success for the Peronist state and Argentina. The president takes time to greet basketball players.
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