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Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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A cartoon that pokes fun at the player violence that had become the norm in Argentine soccer. In the image, a player kicks through a referee's chest and lops off his opponent's head with his soccer cleats. This is one of the earliest examples of such…
The subtitle reads "Cómo se imaginan en Escocia que se desarollan los partidos de Motherwell en nuestro país"
More idolatry towards the fans of the club
If throwing projectiles and injuring players is funny…has it become acceoptable to the point that fans view violence as a part of the game?
Using an old cartoon where John Bull is devouring Argentine steak and leaving little for "Juan Pueblo," Caras y Caretas revises the cartoon to show that the Argentine worker-a hero of the Peronist movement-enjoys his own fruits while John Bull is…
Cartoon uses stereotypes to playfully poke fun at the Spanish
Cartoon shows a naked woman who only asks for a Cadillac, ridiculing the superficiality of consumerism that she is willing to bypass clothes for a luxury car.
Sensing that the military will repeat the coup of 1962, President Illia provides a speech aimed at restoring confidence in his government. Primera Plana concludes that the speech was notable for what was ommitted, punctuated by a cartoon.
The ever confident Lorenzo, coach of the national team and self-described wizard of fútbol, has lost control of his team prior to the 1966 World Cup. This cartoon pokes fun at how his methods did not mesh with the players at hand.
Mixing local fútbol concerns with the national team, the cartoon's ultimate conclusion was that Argentina could do no more in the face of the referee's unjust expulsion of Rattín.
The cartoon depicts players crowding a goal to make it impossibe for opponents to score. This is a comment on the absurdity of tactics designed to prevent an opponent from scoring if you realice that your team is unable to score its own goals.
Cartoon shows either fans riling up a player, or viceversa.
In light of the Moreno saga, the match between River and Rácing generated great expectations. These cartoons reflected the public enthusiasm for the match.
The first cartoon pokes fun at throwing bottles at a referee, while the second ridicules the immaturity of men who shun responsibility.
This cartoon was developed before the Lanús-Huracán match on November 13; however, Campeónpublished it anyway after the death of Pascual Tuozzo. In the cartoon, two men stretcher off an inured fan who looks dead with a hat on his chest. One of the…
The Spanish phrase "lo salvó el poste," or "the goal post saved him" converted to marital relations as a huge and menacing wife walks by and her husband hides behind a telephone pole with his thin mistress. The image reinforces negative images…
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