Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Armando was known as a temperamental figure, often dismissive of rules and regulations if they countered his own initiatives. Here, AFA levies a punishment on Armando.
Alberto Poletti, who was permanently expelled from professional fútbol for his actions against AC Milan, appealed for leniency citing his ability to earn a living. The new interventor, Oneto Gaona, declines the request citing the image of the…
AFA seeks information to ascertain whether any San Lorenzo player should face disciplinary action (eventually Sanfilippo is named).
Alberto Poletti is banned for life from playing professional soccer in Argentina, while his teammates are handed down 20-30 match suspensions and are banned for 3-5 years from international soccer.
This is AFA's official denouncement of the behavior of Estudiantes players after their match against Italy's AC Milan
AFA modified the rules governing player behavior one day before Estudiantes played AC Milan in the second leg of the Copa Intercontinental. With these new rules in place, AFA justified the penalties handed down on October 23…although AFA had no idea…
San Lorenzo player Narciso Doval is accused by the flight crew of Aerolineas Austral of sexual harassment and belligerent behavior on a flight to Buenos Aires. AFA presents the details of the accusations and promises further investigations, but…
Rattín's actions after being expelled against England led to a FIFA commission that sought to punish Argentina and prevent its participation in the next World Cup. This request is to absolve the main figure, Ubaldo Rattín, from any punishment.

Perhaps in response to social unrest and military pressure on Peron this article stresses that power derives from the people and laws should be adhered. Sportsman must do their part and observe the laws of their sport. People are more able to support…
Barcelona players demonstrate inappropriate behavior on the field, and the magazine states that is River players did the same the global press would condemn the Argentine side.
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