Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Match report pays special tribute to Argentine goalkeeper Miguel Ángel Rugilo, whose numerous saves had Argentina on the verge of becoming the first foreign team to win on English soil before two late English goals secured their 2-1 victory over La…
Fan disorder leads to police using tear gas canisters at a match between Newell's Old Boys and San Lorenzo in Rosario. "Women Faint; Reporters Flee"
Mexico earned the hosting rights to the 1955 Pan-American Games, which would include women's basketball, volleyball, and other sports. Photographs show the Argentine and U.S. men's basketball teams, which repayed the final from a the previous year…
These pages show club membership figures, earnings from club dues (broken down by age, gender, and location), and expenditures for cultural activities at CABJ.
San Lorenzo player Narciso Doval is accused by the flight crew of Aerolineas Austral of sexual harassment and belligerent behavior on a flight to Buenos Aires. AFA presents the details of the accusations and promises further investigations, but…
Article is useful in looking at how soccer shapes masculinity through the gendered 'other': women
Useful article to understand gender divisions in soccer
Helpful to look at what products were pitched to men, and how masculinity is portrayed.
The article rebukes the deteriorating climate at stadiums, and applauds Huracán for encouraging women to attend free, with roses and prime seats. (the adjoining article's last words are about the decline of creative fútbol and the growth of a climate…
This article is helpful in understanding how Argentine sports writers imagined the criollo player and the values he espouses, which addresses masculinity and gender.
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