Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Frondizi received a 60-day "no visitors" imprisonment by the military government, while Guido establishes his temporary government. However, as the article lays out, colleagues loyal to the deposed president were under suspicion of carrying out…
President Arturo Frondizi receives his first visitors after his ouster by military forces in mid-1962. The deposed head of state declares that he does not plan on leaving the country as requested by military officials. The ouster of Frondizi was yet…
During the club association meeting of December 23, 1965, Boca Juniors recognized the role of Law 16.575 in securing land for the Ciudad Deportiva and approved a rise in club dues to balance the institution's finances. In addition, the club…
This page details adjustments that Boca Juniors made during the last year of Peronist rule in 1955, and more importantly the club's 50th anniversary.
This page details adjustments that Boca Juniors made during the military coup of 1955 and 1956.
The data presented here provides more details that can help see how much Sívori's transfer to Juventus helped fund the stadium.
River Plate, like many larger clubs, came under scrutiny after the fall of Perón. Here, River shows that all their records and club matters are in order and ask for a return to normalcy in AFA.
Overview of successful projects in 1955, including the expansion of facilities for children and the foundation for the completion of the fourth side of the stadium.
The letters show a transfer of power at AFA, but also the primacy of the national team in long-term projects of the associated body.
Shows the diverse opinions about the position of a mediator that the government established to put the AFA in order
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