Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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This article is a perfect example of how star players had become major celebrities in Argentina. But the difference here is that the detials of the private life of Sívori, now playing in Italy, receives as much attention as local players. In the…
Ardigo remains convinced about the superiority of Argentine fútbol based on its match with Chile.
The title says it all. After winning the last four South American championships in undefeated fashion, Ardigo - like most porteño sports writers - is convinced of the superiority of Argentine fútbol.
The recurring theme any time Argentine journalists compared their fútbol with the Brazilian approach to the game was that the Brazilians possessed plenty of flair, and skill, but lacked mental fortitude and the necessary toughness to finish a game.…
Useful article to contrast playing styles and how Argentines saw themselves as different to Europeans (even if violent play was escalating)
The language here is valuable, as is the coverage of how players were greeted at Ezeiza.
Perhaps the lesser coverage of Argentina's win over England was that the performance was not quite as good, but it is interesting to see that the juxtaposition has moved away from England and onto Pelé's Brazil when it comes to Argentine soccer.
Many articles in this issue detail the victories over England and Brazil, but mostly over Pelé's Brazil
Positive article about Argentina's performance against Portugal in a 4-nation tournament held in Brazil
El Domingo once again published a rebuke of the behavior of Argentine fans, who traveled to the South American championship and behaved in an unfortunate manner. The magazine describes their behavior as "actos censurables que dejan mal parado el buen…
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