Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Barcelona players demonstrate inappropriate behavior on the field, and the magazine states that is River players did the same the global press would condemn the Argentine side.
Using Nestor Rossi's outspoken and loud demeanor on the field, River wonders why his vociferousness is appreciated with the national team as a sign of pride but chastised with River Plate as a sign of disrespect.
Game descends, thanks to a passive referee, into a defensive and violent game Eventually a brawl involving 19 players punctuates the affair [The following week, 8 players were expelled in a match between Lanus and Estudiantes for violent actions on…
The article presents to readers some of the ways players used their hands to gain an advantage during a match, or to prevent the opponent from doing the same. Of note is that the term "cracks" is already in use.
In a letter to critical "hinchas", the author wonders if it is beneficial for fans to launch insults to players as they prepare for the World Cup
Despite the quality of Argentine players, the author laments the other aspects of criollo soccer mastered by Argentine players: faking injuries and killing time The article differentiates between "futbol" and "fobal"
AFA issues an amnesty for player suspended for indiscipline on and off the field, which angers sports writers.
Argentina's poor performance against Uruguay, in a game marked by violent behavior by players on both sides, raises alarms in the Argentine press. This is the second such match in less than two months.
Sanfilippo's behavior on San Lorenzo's tour to Europe became a problem for AFA. With the lack of star strikers in the country, it forced sports officials (with suport from journalists) to bury his indiscretions ahead of the World Cup. Nonetheless,…
FIFA will treat the South American case, especially its decision to exclude Argentina from the 1970 World Cup in Mexico
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