Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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English players pose for photographers reading an Argentine newspaper that reads: 'Welcome Maestros'
The magazine links its publication with larger efforts to promote sports as a form of nationalism, as well as to honor the passing of Eva Perón.
The solid performance of the national team reflects a greater idea of national pride, which the Peron government uses to its own populist advantage
Ignoring their draw and loss to Uruguay, and silver medal, the newspaper declares Argentina the true champions. Fans are described as feeling the same way.
This article follows one on the previous page that translates the Dutch reaction in the press to the Olympic final. The Dutch describe the Argentines as better than the Uruguayans, but their opponents defense was exceptional and the goalie even lucky…
The magazine highlights how even Italian journalists familar with Argentine soccer do not feel that Estudiantes represented Argentina as a whole.
Fascinating back and forth between a fan magazine and that club's President. Both level accusations of unprofessionalism and disloyalty to the club.
More than sports magazines, River does not hold back its criticism of England. It juxtaposes Argentine 'animals' with English 'thieves'.
When River defeats international teams it is a victory for all of Argentina.
Barcelona players demonstrate inappropriate behavior on the field, and the magazine states that is River players did the same the global press would condemn the Argentine side.
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