Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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River implies that newspapers like Democracia are biased against River and try to influence the outcome of the soccer season.
Ardizzone selets a few "crack" players from the so-caled "golden age" of Argentine fútbol and measures each players' strengths and weaknesses in order to assess whether they could succeed in the modern game.
This article follows one on the previous page that translates the Dutch reaction in the press to the Olympic final. The Dutch describe the Argentines as better than the Uruguayans, but their opponents defense was exceptional and the goalie even lucky…
Argentina's triumph at the 1959 South American championship raised expectations among fans and journalists that the Argentine style, defined by its "viveza criolla," was on the verge of returning to league matches. Instead, the 1959 season brought…
Citing the fact that 8 of the starting 11 players on the national team belonged to River Plate, the magazine accuses sports writers at newspapers like La Nacion of omitting the contribution of River players in their summary of the national team's…
River is Argentine soccer and its victories 'help' Argentine soccer.
River is Argentine soccer´s savior as it defeats major teams in Europea and Italy.
English players pose for photographers reading an Argentine newspaper that reads: 'Welcome Maestros'
The value of this article lies in its retrospective look back at the 1958 World Cup, one year later.
Worth noting the change in language and tone in this report of Estudiantes' victory
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