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Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Colorized image of the Argentine "Select" team from the provincial leagues before their match against Motherwell (May 17, 1928)
News brief reports on the victory by Motherwell vs. a select provincial team from Argentina (4-1).
After three opening losses, Motherwell secures three consecutive wins against an Argentine select team (3-0), an Argentine-Uruguayan combination team (3-0), and an Argentine Provinces team (4-0). Crowds ranged between 15,000 to 25,000 spectators. The…
FIFA awarded Argentina the 1978 World Cup after losing in the voting process to Mexico for the 1970 tournament. Here, AFA begins to assess the infrastructure and readiness to host the tournament.
Helpful to compare to similar report in 1950
Useful for understanding population patterns
Using Peron's own five-year plan related to sports, the request asks for each province to receive aid from the federal government to ensure that each region of the country has access to olympic quality facilities to develop the health and fitness of…
What is interesting about this petition is that legislators attempted to use the power of government, and intervention in AFA, to include provincial cities like Córdoba, Tucumán, Mendoza, La Plata, and Rosario in the 1959 Copa Sudamericana.
Several reasons appear as to why the quality of soccer dimished greatly, according to the magazine, in 1957: the import of players from the interior and overseas who are unaccustomed to how soccer is played in Bs As, the failure to develop strong…
Comedic actor Luis Sandrini sits a card table with others in the film El cañonero de Giles.
Raul Colombo (head of AFA) witnessed the championship match and saw first hand the lack of quality soccer and the excess of elbows, shoving, and other physical play
Article 7 of a new statute approved on the 6th of May means that 2,500 teams, in 200 different leagues, have more autonomy The AFA, not the league of 16 Buenos Aires teams, is now in control (but the AFA is still from the capital…so is this a big…
The article praises the sportsmanship, morality, and heart of provincial teams and concludes that teams in the professional leagues could learn much from the provinces
Santos Ursino was a notable soccer player from the province who played for comercial and caught the attention of Ernesto Lazzatti, a reknowned sports journalist
Finding the irony of Argentine clubs complaining that their best talent gets pilfered by European clubs, when teams from Buenos Aires do the same to provincial teams, this article explores the tensions between the capital and the rest of the country…
CADCOA organizes an Olympic tournament for children of Argentina as part of Perón's outreach and propaganda.
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