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The definitive sports periodical for several decades, El Gráfico shaped the discourse of soccer commentary in Argentina. These entries focus on several themes: fans, violence, tactics, playing styles, social classes, the international gaze, and identity.

Aimed at a middle-class audience through its coverage of sports, tactics, and fandom, its celebrated writers frequently offered  biting criticism towards uniformed sports fans, coaches, and inept administrators.


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Luis Monti
Images of midfielder Luis Monti with the Argentine national team, as well as with Club Atlético San Lorenzo in 1925. Monti was one of the best players for La Albiceleste at the 1928 Olympics and the 1930 World Cup. That same year, he left Argentina…

Juan and Jorge Brown: La Yunta Brava
Image of Alumni legends and cousins Jorge and Juan Brown on the cover of El Gráfico July 21, 1923 (issue No. 212).

Luis Monti on the cover of El Gráfico
Images of midfielder Luis Monti wearing his Club Atlético San Lorenzo kit in 1925. The magazine labels him the best midfield in the league on its front cover (issue No. 330).

Guillermo Stábile
Image of Huracán and national team player Guillermo Stábile on the cover of El Gráfico, August 2, 1930 (Issue No. 577). Stábile was the top scorer at the 1930 World Cup and the longest tenured manager of the national team. He rose to fame at Huracán,…

Carlos Peucelle
Image of Sportivo Buenos Aires and national team player Carlos Peucelle on the cover of El Gráfico, August 9, 1930 (Issue No. 578). "Barullo" was one of the best wingers in Argentine soccer history, eventually moving to River Plate in 1931 and…

"La mujer y el football"
Image of women's football captains Carmen Pomies (Femina SC, Paris) and Florrie Redford (Dick Kerr, Preston, England) in 1925. Dick Kerr won by a score of 4-2 in this international club match. Cover of El Gráfico (Issue No. 310)

Américo Tesorieri
Image of Boca Juniors goalkeeper Américo Tesorieri on the cover of El Gráfico July 8, 1922 (issue No. 158).

Félix Loustau
Image of River Plate winger Félix Loustau on the cover of El Gráfico November 13, 1942 (issue No. 1218).

Enrique Omar Sívori
Image of River Plate starlet Enrique Omar Sívori on the cover of El Gráfico September 24, 1954 (issue No. 1883). [Image accessible at Wikimedia Commons]

Adolfo Pedernera
Image of River Plate winger Adolfo Pedernera on the cover of El Gráfico August 21, 1937 (issue No. 945). [Image accessible at Wikimedia Commons]

José Manuel Moreno
Image of River Plate striker José Manuel Moreno on the cover of El Gráfico December 29, 1937 (issue No. 964). [Cover erroneously identifies him as José María Moreno]

Raimundo Orsi
Image of Independiente winger Raimundo Orsi on the cover of El Gráfico June 14, 1924 (issue No. 258).

La Albiceleste at the 1934 World Cup
Argentina only played one match at the 1934 World Cup held in Italy. AFA did not select its best players to send to Europe, largely due to disputes among clubs and between AFA and FIFA, but also because several Argentine players were recruited by the…

Bernabé Ferreyra
Image of River Plate striker Bernabé Ferreyra in action against Boca Juniors on December 12, 1937; second image a side profile of Ferreyra taken sometime in the 1930s. [Image 1 and image 2 accessible at Wikimedia Commons]

Domingo Tarasconi
Image of Argentine national team and Boca Juniors stalwart, Domingo Tarasconi, who represented Argentina at the 1928 Olympics. Tarascone played as a right-wing forward, or "insider derecho," for La Albiceleste and as a striker for Boca Juniors, where…

Advertisements in El Gráfico in 1955
Helpful to look at what products were pitched to men, and how masculinity is portrayed.
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