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Feyenoord con más fútbol
Dutch coach labels Estudiantes as 'gangsters', Estudiantes demonstrated that they know how to lose, and a bottle is thrown at an Argentine keeper. Yet, Feyenoord played better soccer and deserved to win.

Estudiantes mostró total desorientación
The magazine lavishes praise on an Dutch side that played beautiful soccer and characterized Estudiantes as a team that was dazed and confused. Little hope for the second match in Holland.

La selección hizo el milagro
By defeating Brazil in Porto Alegre, the magazine dubs the triumph a 'miracle'-a stark difference from the notion of Argentine superiority in soccer before 1958.

Pizzuti, mano firme para la selección
A noticeable shift in direction of the national team occurs following the events of 1969 (World Cup failure and Estudiantes). Pizzuti, former coach of Racing, embodies an attacking style of soccer that makjes use of the long ball, or as it is known…

La única víctima: el fútbol
The harassing of referees, presence of fans on the field, gas canisters and hoses aimed at hinchas, and other routine incidents call for a reform structure and morality in Argentine soccer.

¿El gran cambio en fútbol?
Helpful article in determining what is a 'revolution' and what is aimed at changing.

En la hora cero; La noche triste del fútbol
The magazine highlights how even Italian journalists familar with Argentine soccer do not feel that Estudiantes represented Argentina as a whole.

Ganó el mejor equipo
Not mincing words, Golessimply assesses Estudiantes' loss as the case of the better team prevailing.

¿A qué estamos jugando?
Insightful piece on how the violent style of play is perhaps not what fans want and that teams like DiStefano's Boca can play attractive soccer and win.

¿Dejarán morir al fútbol?
This article is a continuation of an article from 7-22, stating that Argentine soccer lost its way and needs to return to the traits that made it successful.

El fútbol argentino no debe continuar en decadencia; Llegó la hora de olvidar el miedo
The article favors a more positive, attacking-style of soccer that makes best use of Argentine talent and less dependent on tactics and physicality to earn results. Chacarita, Huracan, and Racing are recent example of this successful approach. Above…

Se jugará nuestro fútbol
The hiring of Adolfo Perdenera as national coach and a match against lowly Bolivia 'assure' Argentina of qualifying for Mexico 1970 and bringing order to Argentine soccer.

¿Adónde piensan llegar? Guerra por fútbol
Writers become increasingly worried about the violence exhibited by players.

¡Adelante con la revolución!
Good article for looking at the cultural influence of soccer and issues of masculinity.

Los 'hippies' copan el fútbol
Good article for looking at the cultural influence of soccer and issues of masculinity. [A later article labels long hair and sideburns as a 'hygenic' issue that needs to be stamped out of the national team, see Feb 3 1970 pages 44-45].

Estudiantes ganador en todo: fútbol y guerra
Overview of Estudiantes' victory over Nacional and back-to-back championship in Copa Libertadores.
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