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El Domingo and Mister Bull were the first non-newspaper publications that began to offer sports-centered coverage to readers.

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Una caricatura oportuna: La llegada del equipo español
Cartoon uses stereotypes to playfully poke fun at the Spanish

Footballers Celebres
Notice the language employed to characterize these figures

Los clubs de football populares
Of note is the use of the term "popular" to demonstrate the wide appeal of certain clubs like Velez Sarsfield

O Pavoroso Scratch: Saudades da ambaixada fantástica; Los líos de Mister Bull
Palacio Zino and his artist, "El mono" Taborda, face critcism over their portrayal of the Brazilian national team as monkeys. The "Macaquito Affair" eventually involved political leaders from both countries and demonstrated the power of the press to…

"Mister Bull"
Image of Palacio Zino appears in the Aug 21 edition after he nearly died from a public duel with Enrique Gómez Carrilllo.

Los uruguayos vencedores
Contrast this image of Uruguayan players with that of October 9 of 1920

Ante los próximos internacionales
An interview with national team player Pedro Calomino revelas how players were troubled by the lack of organization and professionalism by AFA authorities

Arnoldo Watson Hutton
Like many Anglo-Argentine footballers of the early 20th century, Watson Hutton was praised as a legendary teacher of the game by what he did on the field (but also for the lessons he learned from his father: Alexander Watson Hutton)

La edad del oro del football
This piece highlights the mythaking that was already taking place in 1920, looking back at a mostly Anglo-Argentiine team as an ideal lost in Argentine football.

Un gran maestro del football: Jorge Brown
Like many Anglo-Argentine footballers of the early 20th century, Brown was praised as a legendary teacher of the game by what he did on the field.

An example of how Argentine papers hailed English teams as true "masters"or teachers of the game

Alberto Ohaco, el ídolo de Racing
The cover to Mister Bull dedicated to one of Racing's best players is an example of the idolatry for footballers in the age of popular celebrities (and the role of the press in creating celebrities).

Los artistas preferidos por los footballers
This article was a recurring feature in Mister Bull. It shows how fútbol had become tied to other forms of popular entertainment. The note on Rosario Granados is typical of the tongue-in-cheek humor of the magazine.

La venida de Aaston Villa
Thee news of Aston Villa's visit has caused a great stir among football enthusiasts that Mister Bull hopes to capitalize on to sell issues.

La hora crítica
This article strikes a nationalist tone, accusing Uruguay of refusing to entertain the idea of providing Argentina with a measure of fraternal respect (unlike "nuestros amigos los rubios britanos" who do not hide their lack of respect ['no nos den el…

Meredith el mejor winger derecho del mundo
This article shows how Argentine football enthusiasts enjoyed (and were aware of) reading news about European football.
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