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These ads were aimed at readers of El Gráfico, most of whom were middle-class men.
These ads were aimed at readers of El Gráfico, most of whom were middle-class men. The ads change, however, in December, as Christmas approaches. They now focus on children and spouses and less on male hygiene.
Education was an important element in the Peronist state's construction of the "New Argentina." Here, Mundo Argentino offers a glowing assessment of the progress taking place throughout schools in Argentina under Perón.
Domingo Faustino Sarmiento was a hero to the progressive liberal elite, which, by 1955, was largely comprised of middle-class professionals - many of whom were opposed to Peronist rule. This article in Mundo Argentino (now an outlet for Peronist…

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Despite the myth that the sale of Enrique Omar Sívori financed the construction of the 4th side of River Plate's stadium, the plans were set in motion well before his transfer in 1958.
Typical piece on soccer players who moved from rags to riches, and now typify the middle class
Santos Ursino was a notable soccer player from the province who played for comercial and caught the attention of Ernesto Lazzatti, a reknowned sports journalist
Stabile ran the national team longer than any coach in history This article comes at a moment when Argentina returns to the international stage and Stabile winds down his own career

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A soccer fanatic, and former sports radio commentator, Ary Barroso shares his love for the sport, Boca Juniors, and observations about Argentine soccer in general He feels that the quality of play in Argentina has diminished because it has not played…
Brief history of Boca Juniors
Interviews with players reveal that a strong team spirit helped Argentina win the 1955 Copa Sudamericana
Demonstrates club priorities for 1955
Helpful financial records
More financial records
This page details adjustments that Boca Juniors made during the last year of Peronist rule in 1955, and more importantly the club's 50th anniversary.
Data on earnings from club membership and number of members in 1955 (and previous years).
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