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Record crowd of over 120,000 expected to see England in Argentina play at River Plate Stadium. Brief comments from both head coaches (Stabile and Winterbottom). About 3.3 million pesos earning for the Argentine Football Association.
Article notes that the English national team delegation endured a 38-hour trip from London to Buenos Aires. Upon their arrival at Ezeiza Airport, they were met by AFA president Valentín Suárez, members of the press, and a large gathering of locals.…
A bilingual editorial about the diplomatic potential of a football game
A look into how the English produce world class football, helpful for seeing a foreign lens.
The author wonders why England remains Argentina's key rival in the group stage of the World Cup. England's long-held reputation as a premier soccer nation, he argues, rests on its "golden isolation"-era, when England possessed the best players and…
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