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Image of Huracán and national team player Guillermo Stábile on the cover of El Gráfico, August 2, 1930 (Issue No. 577). Stábile was the top scorer at the 1930 World Cup and the longest tenured manager of the national team. He rose to fame at Huracán,…
A bilingual editorial about the diplomatic potential of a football game
Record crowd of over 120,000 expected to see England in Argentina play at River Plate Stadium. Brief comments from both head coaches (Stabile and Winterbottom). About 3.3 million pesos earning for the Argentine Football Association.
Match report pays special tribute to Argentine goalkeeper Miguel Ángel Rugilo, whose numerous saves had Argentina on the verge of becoming the first foreign team to win on English soil before two late English goals secured their 2-1 victory over La…
A capacity crowd endured the pouring rain to witness the second match between Argentina and England (total revenue for this game stood at 3.2 million pesos). The referee eventually suspended the match as playing conditions worsened, leading Sir…
Effusive praise for the Argentine national team and its convincing win over England at River Plate stadium.
More details on the AFA investigation, with coaching reports to be assessed by club and AFA officials.
AFA asks for a report from the coaching staff, led by Guillermo Stabile, on what happened at the 1958 World Cup.
Sivori, Angelillo and other with coach Stabile
Having previously stated the many faults of preparation the magazine allows itself a chance to say 'I told you so'.
The article notes that European teams are preparing well in advance for the World Cup while Argentina continues a haphazard approach beholden to the whims of clubs and ultimately will take different players from the 'tune-up' matches played…
Stabile states that the Argentine player does suffer from some dependency on their own creative inspiration more than the level of discipline required. But there is no decline in Argentine soccer.
Various articles cover the "fall-out" of Argentina's poor performance at the World Cup.
Various articles cover the "fall-out" of Argentina's poor performance at the World Cup.
Cartoon pokes fun at the histerical reactions after Sweden 1958 and how critics ignore the root causes.
Press and soccer fans in Argentina closely followed the performance of major club teams involved in offseason exhibition games in Spain. In several of these articles, newspapers took note of the attendance for these matches (50-65,000), presumably to…
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