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Great photo for the expressions on the faces of players and AFA President Colombo
The re-election of Raul Colombo as AFA President also shows Mundo Deportivo that the organization is full of the vices of Argentine soccer: its own survival and parasites.
Argentina will not call players to the national team who play abroad. This articles is helpful for ideas of national identity, the ´pull´of clubs, and the sense of overconfidence in World Cup preparation.
Just a glimpse into how AFA chiefs are selected and deposed by powerful club presidents
Editorial that condemns the leadership of Raul Colombo at the head of the AFA

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Not sure if the article is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but El Grafico feels that a coach finally captured all the concerns and needs of the national team in a thorough letter sent to AFA and published in daily newspapers While acknowledging the merits of…
Mogilevsky clears up why he resigned, what went on with Colombo and AFA officials, and the contradictory statements made about player selections
Various articles cover the "fall-out" of Argentina's poor performance at the World Cup.
Various articles cover the "fall-out" of Argentina's poor performance at the World Cup.
Cartoon pokes fun at the histerical reactions after Sweden 1958 and how critics ignore the root causes.
A very critical examination of Colombo's intent to punish goalkeeper Errea, who was blamed for 3 goals against Italy, for insubordination Mogilevsky is excused from this meeting he was invited to, which prompted Colombo and his allies to suggest a…
Blasts Colombo as a liar, or at minimum an inconsistent President who undermines his coaches and contradicts himself
Goro reminds readers that Colombo himself stated that he would not meddle in coaching decisions and that results mattered less than knowledge gained of European tactics and playing styles The article then goes on to show how Colombo undermined the…
Although Spinetto's change in tactics to a more defensive approach (aimed at preventing a loss) worked in Russia, it came at the cost of the national team's "natural" playing style and overall identity Panzeri questions whether such a fear of losing…
In the wake of the 1955 coup and subsequent proscription of Peronism, the magazine is aghast as to why the federal intervention of AFA led to amnesty of club officials and players sympathetic to Peron
The salary dispute between Mogilevsky and AFA shows that in the modern game even physical trainers become quasi-celebrity figures in the world of fútbol.
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