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The variety of data here provides a more complete look at the club's finances, including earnings from player transfers, international games, gate receipts, and club membership.
As one of the first years of Boca Juniors under Alberto Armando, this letter provides some insight into the priorities of the club at the outset of an era focused on increasing spectacle amid dwindling attendance.
A look at how much each player earned in 1958
Because River sent the most players to the nation team that played in Sweden, and said team received a hostile welcome upon its return, this letter tries to shield the club's players from negative reaction. It warns of the consequence of continued…
A look at how much each player earned in 1957
Very good read into the club perspective on the 1948 strike
Although the resolution requires players to honor their selection to the national team, the onus is on the club directors to allow their players to leave.
A generous shipment of steaks and other beef products are sent to England to help players and coaches maintain an Argentine diet–a humorous note.
Good article for looking at the cultural influence of soccer and issues of masculinity. [A later article labels long hair and sideburns as a 'hygenic' issue that needs to be stamped out of the national team, see Feb 3 1970 pages 44-45].
The magazine criticizes both the Tribunal de Penas and the club for harsh sanctions. The images show the police escorting players off the field. In other words, the players may have committed dumb infractions but the police and authorities are more…
The author finds solace in the work stoppage of professional soccer players by observing how many of them have returned to the bare potreros and remembered what it was like to play for fun. He sees this as a throwback to days filled with images of…
Although the professional players are on strike, a match that would decide the 1948 season takes place between Independiente and Racing
Players threatened to go on strike in April 1948 over salaries, transfers and other issues that they felt should be handled by club owners in a more professional manner. AFA intervened, which showed the severity of the situation, and ultimately the…
Due to declining stadium attendance and club finances, legislator Rogelio Rodríguez Díaz proposes that practically all transfers of Argentine players to foreign teams come to a halt.
The Cámara de Diputados (body of representatives) moves to, and resolves to, petition the executive branch of President Frondizi to lift sanctions to athletes from various disciplines. Most likely, these are athletes that were sanctioned or suspended…
An example of how the government tried to involve itself in club affairs, supported by the debts club teams were incurring and monies they received from the government.
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