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Data on earnings from club membership and number of members in 1955 (and previous years).
This page details adjustments that Boca Juniors made during the last year of Peronist rule in 1955, and more importantly the club's 50th anniversary.
The chart helps dispel the notion of the monolithic club member body, rather various levels of club membership existed.
A very detailed look at how much River Plate earned in gate receipts.
A look at how much each player earned in 1955
Included in this information is a comparative look at spending between 1954 and 1955, as well as funds allocated for the closing of the Monumental stadium.
A detailed look at the non-soccer related activities at a major club like River Plate.
Two valuable pieces of information exist here. One, is that the plans and means to fund the fourth section of the Monumental Stadium predate the sale of Omar Sívori by at least 3 years. Second is the number of club members, which is useful when…
River Plate, like many larger clubs, came under scrutiny after the fall of Perón. Here, River shows that all their records and club matters are in order and ask for a return to normalcy in AFA.
Overview of successful projects in 1955, including the expansion of facilities for children and the foundation for the completion of the fourth side of the stadium.
AFA honors the efforts of the police chief in providing a safe atmosphere at the stadium. This recognition should be read in the context of the coup that took place a few months ago and the promise of the military to restore social order. These AFA…
Huracán obtains approval from the AFA to host a match in honor of people injured at its stadium.
Although the resolution requires players to honor their selection to the national team, the onus is on the club directors to allow their players to leave.

Perhaps in response to social unrest and military pressure on Peron this article stresses that power derives from the people and laws should be adhered. Sportsman must do their part and observe the laws of their sport. People are more able to support…

Using data in a specific way, the magazine makes the argument that Argentina is the best team on the continent. The data can make a similar (or stronger case) for Uruguay. A little bit of Peronist propaganda.

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