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A detailed report of the May Festibvals, which coincided with the Argentine federal holiday of May 25, as well as the 51st birthday of Queen Victoria. The first article shows the variety of family activties, including fireworks, parades, and…
Post-match report of the 1968 Intercontinental Cup becomes an opinion piece by Geoffrey Greene about the degree to which sports tensions become national tensions after the President of Argentina stopped Estudiantes from playing some "friendies" in…
Images of the members of the men's national soccer team competing at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam
Image of Argentine national team and Boca Juniors stalwart, Domingo Tarasconi, who represented Argentina at the 1928 Olympics. Tarascone played as a right-wing forward, or "insider derecho," for La Albiceleste and as a striker for Boca Juniors, where…
Image of the stadium in Amsterdam and spectators watching a men's football match at the 1928 Olympic Games
A brief update on Motherwell's latest game in Argentina: a 2-1 loss against an Argentine select team. The article also offers an account of the Argentina-Uruguay final in Amsterdam, which ended in a 1-1 draw.
Article explains how the decision by FIFA to boycott British teams from international play stemmed from the decision by the Football Association (FA) to withdraw British participation in the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam. The boycott of British teams…
A fairly balanced account of the opening games of the inaugural Pan-American Games. The president and first lady are mentioned, but so too are other notable figures in sports and politics.
The opening lines of this article — "The nation, on its path toward athletic maturity, will, beginning today, attend to the opening ceremony of the first Pan-American Games that will take place at the President Perón Stadium in Avellaneda ..." —…
Captains exchange banners
Team listens to national anthem before the match begins
Carrizo, Labruna, and others pose for pictures
Dellacha, Angelillo, and others pose with gifts
Team in front of restored portion of the Colosseum
Coach Stabile leads practice
Delegation poses for pictures
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