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President Juan Perón was an avid sportsman (or at least this was the image he wanted to present to the public) and was especially fond of automobile and motorcycle racing. In this 1954 picture, Perón poses with his motorcycle "Velocette." [Image…
Image of River Plate starlet Enrique Omar Sívori on the cover of El Gráfico September 24, 1954 (issue No. 1883). [Image accessible at Wikimedia Commons]
The 1954 film, "El cura Loenzo," premiered at the Metropolitan cinema. The movie follows the life of the priest Lorenzo Massa, whose outreach efforts towards children in the impoverished barrio of Almagro, helped lay the foundation for Club Atlético…
Captains exchange banners
Team listens to national anthem before the match begins
Carrizo, Labruna, and others pose for pictures
Dellacha, Angelillo, and others pose with gifts
Team in front of restored portion of the Colosseum
Coach Stabile leads practice
Delegation poses for pictures
Argentine national team arrives in Italy
Helpful article in seeing how Argentina is slowly re-engaging with global soccer and the changes needed for betterment (more competition, better preparation, more structure for 'criollo' players)
"Garra" makes an appearance on an almost weekly basis [see also May 20 page 20; May 13 'aguerrido' page 16; May 6 page 19]. 'Guapeza' is another common term seen in various articles in 1955 [like Aug 18, 1955 page 6
Berni's painting of Club Atletico Nueva Chicago and a poem by Eduardo Ballari anchor a well-written piece on the mutual influence between sports and arts.
Interesting on two fronts: no reason is provided for why Argentina did not bother to show up in neighboring Brazil for the World Cup. It also reinforces the pride that Argentina shares with Uruguay's successes.
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