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As one of the first years of Boca Juniors under Alberto Armando, this letter provides some insight into the priorities of the club at the outset of an era focused on increasing spectacle amid dwindling attendance.
Alberto Poletti is banned for life from playing professional soccer in Argentina, while his teammates are handed down 20-30 match suspensions and are banned for 3-5 years from international soccer.
This is AFA's official denouncement of the behavior of Estudiantes players after their match against Italy's AC Milan
Congratulations to Estudiantes, victors due to the their effort, sporting spirit, and teamwork.
The first article is interesting because a smaller team, Tigre, has decided to honor one player from the national team that played in the World Cup: Ubaldo Rattín--who was infamously expelled from the final match against England and protested by…
In the first article, a move is made to honor the entire national team for their string performance at the 1966 World Cup. In the second article, AFA President Francisco Perette submits his resignation for approval. Perette was the brother of Arturo…
In the high sporting interests represented by the World Cup, Valentín Suárez is officially appointed as "asesor" to manage the national team. It is widely assumed that the scouting trip resulted in a harsh assessment of Juan Carlos Lorenzo's ability…
A generous shipment of steaks and other beef products are sent to England to help players and coaches maintain an Argentine diet–a humorous note.
Captains exchange banners
Team listens to national anthem before the match begins
Carrizo, Labruna, and others pose for pictures
Dellacha, Angelillo, and others pose with gifts
Team in front of restored portion of the Colosseum
Coach Stabile leads practice
Delegation poses for pictures
Argentine national team arrives in Italy
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