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Congratulations to Estudiantes, victors due to the their effort, sporting spirit, and teamwork.
Team picture of Celtic, with positive faces after a hard-fought match. They would feel differently leaving Argentina to Montevideo.
By posing this question Juvenal examines the strengths and weaknesses of Estudiantes and the national team
The behavior of Estudiantes is central to this story and the penalties levied by the AFA and the government
The coach absolves himself of any of the violence in the match but tries to defend his players while not excusing the worst behavior
After losing 3-0 to AC Milan in the first leg of the Copa Intercontinental El Grafico admits that playing physical is different than playing ugly Estudiantes crossed that line as it played against a better team in Milan
El Grafico insinuates that AFA and other soccer officials have turned their back on Estudiantes because their style of play is responsible for the failure of the national team to qualify for the World Cup
Helpful insight on Bilardo and Estudiantes who prefer to win than play well
Perhaps useful, this letter raises a good question: what prompted the English to call Argentines "animals" Instead of answering that question, the reader goes on to say that the use of such a term at a moment of defeat only signals the impotency of a…
Multiple references to Alf Ramsey's "animal" reference in this article, that minimizes the style of play of Estudiantes as tough but fair (within the rules) and instead accuses the English of savagery "Animals" is as much a construction of the press,…
The influence of Alf Ramsey's words surface in the editorial commentary of El Grafico
"Savages", "fair play", "civility"…all come to question with the treatment El Grafico's writers claim to have received in Manchester Estudiantes are also held up as models of civility Propaganda
After a brief account of the game, El Grafico takes time to criticize the foreign (English) press for exaggerating the physicality of the match…even as far as comparing English journalists to Goebbels!
This account avoids a breakdown of the matches, instead focusing on the fans, coaches, players, the violence on the field, etc Incredibly, it takes the brief mention of the projectile that injured Ronnie Simpson, to chastise Celtic for using this…
The language in this article is worth noting The same type of "anti-football", violent, and deplorable style of play that El Grafico-for years-had condemned, is now a sign of courage, temperament, and lessons learned By quoting players in the 1930…
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