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Alberto Poletti, who was permanently expelled from professional fútbol for his actions against AC Milan, appealed for leniency citing his ability to earn a living. The new interventor, Oneto Gaona, declines the request citing the image of the…
Alberto Poletti is banned for life from playing professional soccer in Argentina, while his teammates are handed down 20-30 match suspensions and are banned for 3-5 years from international soccer.
This is AFA's official denouncement of the behavior of Estudiantes players after their match against Italy's AC Milan
The magazine highlights how even Italian journalists familar with Argentine soccer do not feel that Estudiantes represented Argentina as a whole.
Not mincing words, Golessimply assesses Estudiantes' loss as the case of the better team prevailing.
You reap what you sow. The 'animal' created at Estudiantes is not only a product of tolerance at the club but also derives from the state of Argentine soccer.
He regrets what happened in 1969 and defends his philosophy and approach to the game Zubeldia also has choice words for DiStefano and Labruna
The behavior of Estudiantes is central to this story and the penalties levied by the AFA and the government
The coach absolves himself of any of the violence in the match but tries to defend his players while not excusing the worst behavior
After losing 3-0 to AC Milan in the first leg of the Copa Intercontinental El Grafico admits that playing physical is different than playing ugly Estudiantes crossed that line as it played against a better team in Milan
El Grafico insinuates that AFA and other soccer officials have turned their back on Estudiantes because their style of play is responsible for the failure of the national team to qualify for the World Cup
Helpful insight on Bilardo and Estudiantes who prefer to win than play well
Accusing AC Milan of playing 'anti-futbol' El Grafico surmises that Estudiantes will have no problem with this team (ironic since Estudiantes plays very similar)
A popular sports magazine's look at the physical attacks against AC Milan players by Estudiantes
The ghost of AC Milan-Estudiantes seems to hover over Argentine soccer matches. A distaste for "hombria" and physicality seems to have taken hold.
A brief interview with a former player, Sarnari, on why he feels that Argentine soccer is changing
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